Consulting and Customized Services

We are a group of Chartered Accountants and Labour Consultants able to offer an integrated service for the protection, optimization and management needs of physical and legal subjects.

Tax Consulting

• Tax advice for companies, corporations and individuals;
• Resolution of national and international tax disputes;
• Assistance for the application of the legislation on direct and indirect taxes and duties;
• Assistance for the preparation of tax returns;
• Consulting in the field of indirect taxation in foreign trade and customs matters for the management of the customs declaration (SAD, definitive import or export), identification of the correct customs procedure to be applied, application of the Incoterms and simplified procedures;
• Assistance for VAT reimbursement procedures, direct VAT identification of EU subjects and assumption of fiscal representations for VAT purposes;
• Tax analysis, checkup and planning;
• Relations with administrative and tax offices;
• Consulting for the initiation and management of the electronic invoicing process and the digitization of the order cycle to optimize the supply chain process

Administrative and Accounting Services

• Accounting and bookkeeping processing;
• Payroll processing with labor consulting and personnel administration;
• Bookkeeping-related assistance at the customer’s premises with periodic accesses, coaching and training of administrative staff;
• Assistance for the structuring of accounting systems and adoption of customized software;
• Preparation of periodic and annual financial statements;
• Corporate domicile, temporary office services and certified email management;
• Management of real estate properties on behalf of third parties and related rental contracts

Corporate Consulting

• Corporate consulting in all phases of company life (from the constitution, to the development and the consolidation);
• Corporate reorganization during generational transfers or in the context of corporate restructuring processes;
• Management control with Budgeting and• Economic and Financial Reporting and investment evaluation;
• Evaluation of profitability by revenue and cost centers and analysis of deviations from the target parameters;
• Business intelligence solutions to support corporate choices, strategic and industrial planning processes and budgeting and reporting activities;
• Financial planning and analysis;
• Assistance in the Starting Up for newcos and SMEs;
• Launching of sales in E-commerce;
• Internationalization consulting;
• Consulting and assistance with regards to GDPR, ex EU Regulation 679/2018

Extraordinary Operations

• Advice and assistance for acquisition and sale of companies (M&A), transfers, mergers, demergers, dissolution and liquidations;
• Design and implementation of extraordinary corporate finance operations;
• Generational transition and succession planning;
• Company valuation and sector analysis

Concessional Funding and Opportunities

• Preparation of feasibility studies for projects and collection of documentation and information for the preparation of the file;
• Calls for tenders monitoring (regional, national and European) through periodic newsletters and personalized emails based on the customer profile;
• Analysis of the design potential and company checkups;
• Tax Credit Services for the correct and optimal use of tax concessions granted to companies and private investors

Management and Governance, Audit, Judicial appointments

• Board of directors assignments;
Statutory audit;
• Assignments of statutory auditors with or without accounting control functions;
• Pre and Post Acquisition / Tax Vendor Due Diligence;
• Technical consulting assignments of part or in the field of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Work advice

• Labor and personnel administration consultancy;

• Payroll Processing and Contributions for companies in the Industry, Tertiary, Handicraft and non-profit sectors;

• Procedures for dismissal and settlements;

• Litigation management;

• Technical advice.

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